Check out this high-skilled puzzle #Platforming adventure by Gabriel Robertson! #FlashGames #RetroGames
 Before anyone is born they must go through a gruesome test. A trial to hone their skills for survival. All within their mother's womb. There is no exceptions. All must pass through before they can see the light of day! Now it's your turn!

 Introducing Inversia! A high-skilled puzzle platforming adventure by Gabriel Robertson. Press the Arrow Keys/WASD to move and Z/M to change your plane of gravity. You must avoid enemies, dodge spikes, and press on to the next course. At first gameplay is simple and straight-forward but don't be fooled. It get's harder and harder as you go along. Some of you might need to adjust the GFX button for optimal speed.

Inversia Review

 The game is rendered in 16-bit format. The levels are quite challenging and will keep you on your toes. The music only adds to the sense of urgency. The idea itself was quite unique. If you're looking for a hard Metroid-esque platformer, then come give Inversia a try!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Inversia!


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