Inanimate Alice!

Join Alice as she combs through her diary and expresses herself through the story of her life in #InanimateAlice! #InteractiveNarrative #FlashGames #NovelGames #OnlineGames
 Follow the autobiography of Alice. The only child of a middle class family who constantly move from country to country as her father gets promotions. All throughout the series, her imaginary friend Brad guides her through her perils.

 In Chapter one Alice is 8 years old and living in a base came way up in northern China. One day her father John did not come home as promised. So she and her mother Ming head out on a journey through the barren wasteland they called home in search of his whereabouts.

 In Chapter two her father get's a promotion and they move to a chalet nestled deep in the Alps of Italy. Alice is now a ten year old girl. One day her parents never came home so she took it upon herself to seek them out amidst heavy snowfall.

 In chapter 3, she's now a brand spanking new teen. Her father gets another promotion and so they move to Moscow, Russia. There, his ruthless bosses accuses him of starting an oil leak with threats of death and kidnapping! In desperation, the tree of them leave everything behind and start afresh in the land of England!

 In chapter four, she is 14 years old living in a quaint lower-middle class town of England. Alice finally enrolls in regular school as her parents settle down. Unlike her folks, she actually likes it here. The history, scenery, and charm captivates her mind.

 In chapter five, Alice is sent to the principle's office not because of delinquency, but due to her failing grades. Only in Art and technology does she succeed. All else is either D's or F's. The head gives her a warning to improve her school performance or she won't get into college!

Inanimate Alice Review

 The story was written by Kate Pullinger and brought to life by Babel. The tale is very engaging and touchy. With real life imagery and animation. The soundtracking just adds to the flair and beauty of this interactive narrative. I gives this gem total thumbs-up!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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