Blob's Story

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 Hear now is a story of chivalry. Mr. and Mrs. Blob. A couple who'd go through knotty hurtles and and grim forests just to be together. Two gooey monsters becoming one in the bond of love. Now ain't that nice. Well, you decide.

 Introducing Blob's Story! A physics-puzzler from Alma Games. Here you must untangle whatever mess the Mr. has got himself into and get him to his sweet-heart safe and sound(within each stage). There are 27 worlds in all. Within each are three flowers that he needs to unlock future worlds. Once all levels are cleared, they can live happily ever after!

Blob's Story Review

 Blob's Story is quite simple and straight-forward. But as another reviewer opined, it's the design that's quite intriguing! It's gloomy almost Gothic landscape gives the game a despondent flair. However, the soothing piano quickly lifts up your mood with it's chiming soundtrack. Overall, Blob's Story is very well-executed and thought-out!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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