Payphone Mania!

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 Crazy dad happens to have a payphone in front of his house. So city hall sends him a hefty bill, claiming he owns the receiver. Outraged, the guy marches up to the council and demands an explanation.

 But since nothing's that easy for crazy dad, you must help him go through town and interact with the locals, collect objects to manipulate others, and find a way to transfer ownership of that phone. Whenever you're cursor changes icons, that's your cue for point-and-clicking to interact with your surroundings. Use objects in your inventory to connect the dots.

Payphone Mania Review

 Unlike Marrakesh Club, Payphone Mania is a lot more simple and straightforward. It is a bit short but still what you'd expect from Carmel Games. Their walkthrough page is momentarily unavailable. Not to worry as one is not really necessary. Overall, the plot was corny yet fairly well-done!

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