A screenshot of Bradlibel's new #InterrogationGame Indefinite! #FlashGames #OnlineGames Something awful and terrifying has happened to our world. Many world leaders have gone missing overnight. The rest of humanity is fighting tooth and nail for basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. Authority figures have been incarcerating anyone remotely suspicious.

 And now they are interrogating you. In a dark dreary one-windowed cell that'll make even the most vigilante go insane! These guys will ask you any random indefinite question they please and if you don't answer within 5 seconds they'll assume your hiding something and keep you under locks or worse face flogging or even execution. Watch out as these detectives will sneakily slip in the same line of inquiry to trick you. If you want to see the light of day again then I'd suggest you cooperate. But even then, you'll still have to accept your fate whatever it is. So good luck!

Indefinite Review

 This was a fairly unique time-management game from Brandlibel. The introductory screen was done quite well. The background music is very foreboding and fatalistic. If you're more laid back then quick at responding then this is not for you. Overall, Brandlibel did a great job on this flash game.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Indefinite!


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