Adventure Story

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Adventure Story!
Once upon a time...

 There lived an enchanted land full of magic and wonder. A land filled with laughter and joy. Where Matt and Natalie reigned supreme. Until malevolent forces descended upon the face of  Fantasy Kingdom.

 These marauding factionists have kidnapped your wife and all the kittens of Fantasy Island! As the beloved protagonist, you must journey through 20 worlds full of baddies and booty to snatch and purchase upgrades. Within each level is a cat that needs saving. Use the Arrow Keys to move, A to jump, and S to fight with your sword. Press D to select a spell and store it hitting Q, W, or E. There are many sorts of other moves you can do with these keys. Now onward soldier! Fight for the sake of righteousness and chivalry!

Adventure Story Review

 I thought the game was very well-executed and  thought-out. Smashing shards and pottery hearkens back to "The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker" from the Nintendo GameCube. The soundtracking was excellent and foreboding. They even give you the option of choosing your difficulty. Something lacking in many online games. Overall, I am impressed with Adventure Story!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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