A segment of the #InteractiveNarrative game #Kafkamesto. All about the author Kafka's life. #FlashGames
 Franz Kafka was a novelist who lived from 1883-1924. He never became famous until after he passed away. He wrote a couple of fictional portraits like "The Metamorphoses" and "The Trial". The former was about a white bigot who wakes up one morning as a black man. The latter has to do with cops suddenly arresting a fella and being convicted in court without an explanation of the nature of his crime.

 So this is an interactive narration of Krafka's disassembled life as he tries to find meaning in it. You are in Bohevia. It is the year 1922 and you have just awoken from a disturbing nightmare back into the meaningless hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your part. All you have to do is check out each item and talk to anyone you bump into. Now you must embark on an entropic journey of self-discovery.

Kafkamesto Review

 The tale is very enigmatic and mysteriously dark. The storyline has segments of "The Trial" and "The Castle" interwoven within. I thought the artwork and animation was well-done. With mundane urban sound-effects to add to the melancholy. If your looking for another great Interactive Narrative, then I recommend you check out Kafkamesto!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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