4th of July Mahjong

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4th of July Mahjong!
 What's better than sipping on a cold glass of sweet lemonade. Enjoying a sizzling frank with ketchup and relish. While gazing up in the night air filled with dazzling pyrotechnic explosions of red, white, and blue.

 Ah...The Fourth of July! A time to repel mosquitoes and remember what America is all about even if Ma used the hamburger spatula to whack a fly. I might not have much. But here goes...

 Introducing 4th of July Mahjong! An Oriental game themed after this great national holiday. Match two identical tiles to eliminate them. Choose the right path to get rid of them all. If all tiles are matched, you win! With Battle "Hymn of the Republic" sounding in the background, this will surely get you in the mood of patriotism!

Now go play 4th of July Mahjong!

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