Fun In The Sun

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 Back in April 2002, Andrew opened a nice hotel on one of the islands of Fiji. His business thrived for 13 years. Many a vacationer would rave about his comfy little inn along the pristine shores of Vanua Levu-a fantastic getaway cruisers and tourists alike!

 But a stupid law in 2014 forced him to pay $5,000 for a permit within two weeks or risk demolition. So now Andrew must quickly find the cash so he doesn't lose his shirt. Use the mouse to interact with the characters. Click whenever the pointer glows. Find an indigenous way to make five grand because rumor has it that the Mayor wants to throw you into the island's volcano!

 Like all Carmel games, "Fun In the Sun" is very interactive in a simple whimsical fashion. The music has a typical tropical feel-like Reggie. But the game was too short for my liking. Yet overall, I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

Ratings 4 Stars!

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