The introductory scene to Lantern. A #PointAndClick #InteractiveNarrative by Quinn Stevens! #AdventureGames
One late evening,


 During pumpkin season. The Harvest Moon brightly shown in the background. The cool wind beckoned me to wonder beneath the willowing branches in search of my dearest love. Oh platonic love. How charming is your voice. How I long to spend the night watches with thee. But I must not tarry the nighttide.

 Till morning blooms like a lamp among the shadows, I must depart in the night air. But not without a token of our affection. A gift to keep you warm within. Oh how I wish I could waken and commune with thee. To break bread and bide our time together. But alas, I am in a dream. Vivid as what's real. I must slip back unto my corporate self before death harvests me away somewhere above those billowing clouds which glide the night sky.

Lantern Review

 Lantern is a picturesque point-and-click adventure by Quinn Stevens with eloquent music by Claire Flitch. All you do is carry the protagonist along for a stroll in the woods by left-clicking and retrieving the right items to commence the story. Otherwise just sit-back and let the dialog carry you along.

 Although the tale is short, it is quite charming and rich. The atmosphere is palpable and very much akin to an Autumn evening up north. The Classical music within each poetic hot spot is replete with violins which match the narrative. I wish the story was longer with more plot twists interwoven. But alas, the game is still full of intrigue.

Ratings: 4.999 Stars!

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