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Once upon a time,

 One caveman courted and eventually wedded a cave-woman way out deep in the jungle. Every morning they would go out, hunt and gather, and share their meals together. For breakfast it was honey roasted lamb chops and fruit, lunch: a triceratops club sandwich, and for dinner T-Rex would be served medium rare over a side of salad and backed potato. Everything went smoothly for these two lovebirds. Until a few Theropods had to spoil all the fun.

 One Raptor attacked your husband and now another is coming after you. It is up to you to direct this cave-woman to defeat the ravenous Dino and rescue her love from an angry Triceratops. Use your mouse and click about to find the next move to make.

 Theropods is an Indie #PointAndClick adventure by the same producer who gave us "The Night Henry Allen Died". I thought the story was short but sweet. The sound tracking is fairly wild with a prehistoric jungle atmosphere to boot. All in all, a lot of thought went into creating the action adventure Theropods!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Theropods Walkthrough

Bonfire: Go up on tree. Kick branch down. Grab and thrust spear toward hive. Then leave after Dino goes in flames.

Jungle Scenes: Go forwards on first screen. Grab feather on second screen. Then grab carcass on third screen.

Bee Hive Tree: Grab little rock. Kick tree to drop honey. Use rock to gather honey. Give honey rock to baby Dino.(he'll run off) and get spiked fruit. Use carcass and spiked fruit on tree stub as a sling-shot for Triceratops. Go to next scene.

Triceratops Scene: Jump to branch. Grab a growth from the wall and combine it with feather to make dart. Bring down vine for your hubby. Click on vine right after the triceratops pounds the ground. Let him climb vine until halfway then click vine again to thrust him to cliff-side.  Kick spiked fruit and then grab bone. Combine bone and dart to make weapon. Use weapon to kill the triceratops. 

                                                     The End! 

Play Theropods


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