Papa's Cheeseria

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 All you and your bandmates wanted to do was make music and get discovered. But finding a producer who is willing to work with you is no easy task. But at least there's a new restaurant in town owned by Papa Louie. Maybe they'll help get you discovered as some big names have been known to frequent his manifold chains.

 Indeed, Papa Louie offered free food to any group who would gig at his joint. Everyone was enthralled and couldn't wait to show off their talent. Everything went A O.K. until we got there.

 Upon arrival, each of us had to take a leak and left all our gigging equipment unattended. When we returned they were all gone. Papa Louie was more then happy to greet us at the door. But we had to break it to him. Our instruments were stolen. As was his routine, he sincerely apologized and offered a band set of his own. But only if we'd agree to work for him. So Louie handed each one a uniform and told us to work the kitchen the very next day.

 From Flipline Studios comes a time-management game all centered around the greasy gooey deliciousness of grilled cheese sandwiches. Like with all past installments of Papa Louie, you will be graded in how well and fast you cater to your customers. The ordering, building(preparation), grilling, and Frying will all be thoroughly inspected. Be wary though. Some customers are more picky than others. If enough cash is accumulated by days end, you can spend it on whatever upgrades desired. Or you could cash your chips and play one of Foodini's games. Payday is within 7 days. If this is what it takes to get discovered then so be it.

Papa's Cheeseria

 This game's layout and design is pretty much identical to all other restaurant's under his name. Which is not a bad thing(mind you). If you're looking for a challenge around the time-management genre, then this latest installment of a mini regional conglomerate will surely not disappoint.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Papa's Cheeseria!

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