The Night Henry Allen Died

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Late one night,

 I received a letter addressed by my good friend and college Henry. The fine man asked me to meet him at his estate ASAP. His words seemed a little urgent and somewhat desperate. But I'm sure nothing too grave.

 So in two days I reached the Manner. Immediately, Mr. Allen came out pale as a ghost yet happy to see me. He then gave me a few confidential tidbits-affirming his trust in me. In fact Henry felt I was the only one he could trust.

 "Tomorrow I will go over the details with you. Tonight, I must tend to my mother who is sick and in need of assistance. You are welcomed to spend the night". 

 "Very well then. We shall continue our business by morning".

 And so Henry directed me to the butler who then showed me my quarters. By approximately 12:00, I was out cold.  I slept soundly...Until I heard a shrill from downstairs before daybreak.

 Everyone within the mansion was severely distraught. For Henry Allen, my very friend who told me many things had just hung himself...Or so it seems. Now I must get to the bottom of this mystery and find out why Henry took his life. I just know he would never do such a thing.

 And now the rest of the tale is in your hands. Roam through the house using your Arrow Keys and interact with people and objects with S. The more you investigate the more the occupants will spit out interesting(or useless) information. You must get to the heart of this gruesome enigma.

The Night Henry Allen Died Review

 I thought the storyline was intriguing. But the gameplay lacked a lot of in-depth detail. Although the isometric pixels and sound tracking make up for that omission as they give it a retro feel. The game does not have a proper ending as the investigation can be wrapped up at anytime(there's no winning and losing here). All in all, I give this 4 out of 5 stars!

Ratings: 4 Stars!

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