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  For many years now, this 40-something woman has been known to worm her way into filthy rich estates, suck up all their trust funds, then get a divorce-leaving them as beggars. Many of the locals used to call her snotty Mrs. Knotty and her diabolical son Damien the Demon! Rumor has it they're both possessed by unclean spirits just by the way the mother throws a tantrum along with her kid. But that's just hearsay.

 "Finally"!!! Says the boy. "A real rich jerk"! "Now we'll be real wealthy and you'll retire from being a pimp"! He was referring to Luke-a budding multi-billionaire who owned dozens of luscious manors all across the world and a top-notch fortune 500 company in California! In fact, Time Magazine has just ranked him the richest man of our time.

 Mrs. Knotty relished the thought and just knew what to do to lure him into her arms. "I'll just take him to Fat-N-Fried". "They have such tasty fries and milkshakes"!

 Not surprisingly, he fell for her flirtatious schemes. And so the three ate out at this greasy burger joint. All went quite well and smoothly...Until the very end of the date.

 At that moment she revealed her true colors. She had him by the throat and demanded he marry her or suffer death! Now he is stuck with a maniac and her insolent son. Luke must go buy a good tux, set up a wedding at the 5'n'dime chapel, and reserve a spot at the Hotel California all in one day. He needs your help!!!

 Use your mouse to click and interact with the characters across town. Find, store, and combine items in your inventory. Just go with the flow till you've reached the story's epilogue. I'm afraid this one's not a happy ending. But who knows...

Luke Deluxe Review

 Luke Deluxe is a polished-up edition of Luke first launched back in 2012. Both versions are a bit gross at first as the fast-food employee picks his nose and you know the rest. But if you can excuse that little nauseous scene, then I'm sure you'll find the rest of Luke's adventures somewhat intriguing. Both games have the same storyline so walkthroughs are likewise exact.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Luke Deluxe - Save Luke from the hands of Alexis and Damien


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