Monkey Go Happy Treasure

Go through 16 stages and turn that frown up-side-down! #MonkeyGoHappy #PointAndClick #FlashGames
Monkey Go Happy Treasure
 What does it take to get a monkey happy? You could bring him to the circus, give him a message, have him eat candy, etc. But what if I send him on a scavenger hunt for treasure?

 Introducing Monkey Go Happy Treasure! A puzzle solving point-and-click adventure by Pencilkids.  After Easter Egg Hunting(go Here for the second Easter game!) then ramming into Leprechauns and Turkeys, now you must go through 16 stages to hunt for gold! Within each scene is a task that must be completed in order to go to the final showdown(stage 16). Weather it be a monster swallowing a helicopter or Anubis giving you a hand, this edition of the Monkey Go Happy stockade is surely worth it!

 I thought the game was nice and easy(sometimes too easy). It does not stray from the look and feel of previous installments. Except for the multiple scenes of course. It's quirky, zany, and a bit on the  light-hearted side of things!

Here's a Walkthrough!

Play Monkey Go Happy Treasure!


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