Sarco Episode 1

You have landed on an alien planet. Now interact with the aliens in this #PointAndClick #AdventureGame! #Sarco, #OnlineGames, #FlashGames
SARCO: Episode 1
 You've landed on an alien inhabited planet. Orbiting it's star Alpha Centuri.  To find a thriving civilization there. The terrestrial planet is much like that of Earth. With deluges, storms, Sarcoquakes, clouds, winds, etc. The only thing different are the folks that dwell there-called the megalithic stone people.

 All you have to do is steer your petite ship with the Arrow Keys and hit CTRL for a boost. You could even help out your fellow sentient beings by giving them a hand now and then. They've even got their own singers and standards!

Sarco Episode 1 Review

 The atmosphere is quite panoramic. The characters are anthropomorphic. The scenery is ruggedly reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. Although I did get stuck in a few places. But experimentation or a walkthrough should solve that dilemma. I think Sarco has a chance to blossom into a deep #PointAndClick adventure with a good storyline of intrigue!

Ratings: 4 Stars!

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