Wheely 2

Come check out #Wheely 2 where he ias been biten by the #Lovebug! #ValentinesGames
 February ain't over yet. This month is owned by Valentine. With hearts and cupids studding about to make the perfect match in Heaven. What do you know? Wheely has a crush on that cute Oldsmobile trodding along interstate 247!

 Lucky for him, this racer has a trophy stuffed in the trunk to show off from the Last Installment. Only problem is she is playing hard to get. This little rockie must traverse through land and sea. Through trains, plains, and automobiles to reach his one and only true love-MS. Pinky!

 Now the they can get married and have an unforgettable honeymoon together. With a little engine oil on the rocks! I hope it works out for the two of them. Maybe she'll bring fourth Wheely junior.

 Stay tuned for Wheely 3 and 4!

Play Wheely 2!


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