What Do We Do Now?

Check out Sean McKenzie's game What Do We Do Now?! #PhysicsGames #StrategyGames #FlashGames
 What do we do now? Well, follow our instincts. Or as they say "just follow the signs. There's always a way out of a dilemma". But then what?

 Let Sean McKenzie guide you with subtle hints and clues in his turn-key point-and-click physics puzzler. Just toggle that mouse in-hand and figure out these urban riddles just aching to get solved.

 Gameplay is short and sweet. Very simple and poignet. With squeaky-clean graphics and drawtastic 2.0 animation. The game leaves just as abruptly as it started. But hopefully, Sean has some more surprises in store. Yet for now there's nothing we can do except follow him on Twitter!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Now go play What Do We Do Now?


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