Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!

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 To celebrate his conglomerate success, Papa Louie invited all his customers and employees aboard the S. S. Louie on an all-inclusive sea-cruise across the seven seas. It just so happens that Mr. Louie was installing a Freezeria upon the deck and so the CEO wanted you to attend the grand opening amid celebration and cheers. Little does he know that Radley Madish survived the Burger Fiasco.

 Now Radley and his minions have ambushed the party and sucked each of Papa's assets within a portal to another dimension. This time, filled with frozen treats!

 All 28 clients are locked-up within aesthetic dungeons scattered across 10 different lands and need rescuing ASAP. Each new customer you unlock has a unique skill to unleash. There are chocolate caverns filled with Oreo-slides, creamy seas, nutter butters, marshmallow men, and carnivorous mint chompers amid ice cream snowflakes! Oh, did I mention there will be Sundaesauruses?

 Collect all the coins to buy new outfits for your warriors. Slaughter all enemies to get new badges and achievements. Arrow Keys=Moving, Jumping, and ducking. Spacebar means assault. La Punch(king of all Pina Coladas) has been specially charged to guard Louie's cell to the last sucker punch. You must stun this jockey before assaulting him. Madish is even more tedious. Louie is counting on you! He claims you'll be promoted on top of the latter if Radley is destroyed(let's see how that goes)!

Papa Louie 3 When Sundaes Attack Review

 Unlike the last two adventures(Play "When Pizza Attacks" Here!), Flipline Studios has upped the competition and difficulty.  Each course has it's own challenge to face. Sometimes it just might get a little frustrating. So maybe an Easy Medium, and Hard meter should have been offered to satisfy both the challenge and adventure quacks. Other then that hurdle, Flipline has crafted another splendid masterpiece!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!


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