Where Is 2015?

Here Is Another spectacular #NewYearsGame by #MateuszSkutnik! #NewYearsEve
 It was another average New Years Eve. Ryan Seacrest was on live. Snacks were abundant. Anticipation was through the roof! At 11:59 PM, the clock on Time Square thudding with a hushed excitement! Finally, the 10 second countdown has commenced. The crowds happily chant the final seconds of 2014! But before that big ball could land to ring in the New Year, everything anticlimactically comes to a complete stop!

 Everybody and every thing has froze. It appears you have caught yourself in a time vacuum. Meaning, the continuum is no longer rolling like it should. There is a peculiar legend that the ancients used to recite on the keeping of the watches.

 Every year, an elf must must ring in and represent the new year. Then retire among the archipelago beyond the North Pole. If one should fail to fulfill his duty on New Years Eve, then time itself will come to a standstill and the previous year will go on perpetually. Now it appears 2015 has shrieked his responsibilities and is nowhere to be found.

 In "Where Is 2015?", you must scour through all the previous months of the year and attempt to inaugurate the New Year yourself. Search far and wide for every clue and solve every cosmic riddle. Check out every clickable portion of your screen. Pick any useful item up and stash it in your inventory. Before long, that nasty bugger will be spotted and 2015 will come in with a bang!

Where Is 2015? Review

 Mat has done it once again! His surreal imagery and crisp sound-effects are becoming a signature! This time, there are a lot scenes to explore and puzzles to solve. As with previous installments, 2015 surely will not disappoint!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Here is a Walkthrough!

Click here to Play Where Is 2015?

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