5 Flash Games From Under the Tree!

Five #Christmas #OnlineGames snugly wrapped under #TheTree!
Photo by C. E. Price
 What's Christmas Day without some sweet nonalcoholic eggnog, delicious hot chocolate, or a nice juicy dish of ham smothered in maple brown sugar and fresh pineapples!  All while being mesmerized by moms cheerful and nostalgic Xmas decorations displayed across the house! From gingerbread men within a miniature village filled with snow and lights to Christmas lights strewn about the tree! After the children opened their gifts and sat on grandpa's knee, they would gaze in astonishment over these magnificent Christmas ornaments!

 Well I might not have all those magical items. But what I do possess are five holiday-themes online games from under my tree. From the studios of Online Game Lounge, I give you...

#1 Santa Christmas Eve Escape

Help #SaintNick escape this house on #Christmas Eve! #ChristmasGames It seems a little boy in his desperation has set up a trap to kidnap Kris Kringle so he can see the Jolly Old Fella. This lad has left challenging puzzles and clues strewn all around the house. You must connect the dots and find a way out before time starts up again. Kids these days will do anything just to get a glimpse of Saint Nick!

Ratings 5 Stars!

Xmas Eve Escape!


#2 Santa Golf

Come help #Santa play a little #PuttPuttGolf before he does his rounds! #ChristmasGames
 Apparently, Mr. Claus is catching a few rounds of golf this year before making his rounds. Let's see what this jelly bean can do besides go down chimneys. Yet that's exactly what he needs to do for a par or a birdie(he must first aim for that big hole on the roof). Use your mouse to establish your momentum and swing. Be wary of Christmas Trees and lamps obstructing your sway. 

Ratings 3.5 Stars!

#3 Santa Steam Train Delivery

Instead of bobsleding, the jolly old fella has opted instead to deviver his toys via cargo. Help him do just that before #Christmas Morning! #ChristmasGames #StrategyGames
 All aboard!!! Father Christmas's sleigh has broken down this year. So he needs your help to deliver gifts via locomotive. Hit the Spacebar to unload the presents in each train car. Use the Upwards Arrow Key to propel the cho cho. Press the bottom Arrow Key to back up.  You must bring these gifts safely to their destination before time runs a muck!

Ratings 4.8 Stars!

#4 Cargo Bridge: Xmas Level Pack

Help Santa's Elves load up his sleigh in this #Christmas semi #RPG! #ChristmasGames
 Santa's elves must load up his sleigh with gifts before take-off. Only one problem. A great chasm separates these little green men from the big guys cargo. You must build a sturdy bridge for them to cross over safely. With about $2,000 in your budget, the math must be done precisely. 

 After all, they didn't hire you for nothing. You have a Bachelor's diploma to boost your credentials. Now if you fail, Santa's Little Helpers will brace a steep and mighty fall. Of course they can't die. But be assured, an eternity of coal awaits you each and every Christmas Morning.

Ratings 5 Stars!

#5 Christmas In Jelly Village

Here is another #Christmas #SpotTheDifference game hosted by #CoolBuddy!
 Here is a spot-the-difference game by Hog Games. As with all games of this nature, you must glare at two identical pictures parallel from each other and click on whatever deviates from the proxy image(to your right). This time, pixel-hunting will not cost you a good score!

Ratings 5 Stars!

 That's all the gifts I have for you this year. Be sure to drop on by next Christmas for more exciting holiday-themed flash games. Oh I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a spectacular New Year!!!


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