Nekra Psaria

Here is a #PointAndClick game somewhat reminiscent of #Submachine! #AdventureGames
Once upon another time,

 There was nothing but machinery. Nothing but mechanical spare parts that is and a dweeb named Johnny-Boy! Who lived in a one-celled house on a mattress and a T.V. set. To this day, nobody knows where he dwelled or even if the dude existed. Perhaps the big guy was in another dimension. Or maybe it was an overdose of sleeping pills.

 Mmmm...Whatever it is, Johnny is in a real crisis. His generator just blew out(and did I mention it talks too?). Which means the guys brain will stop rotting for awhile. At least enough to look for a solution to the problem before another kill-brain session.

 Join this fella on a quest though stuffy corridors and through the corpse of a dead fish in search of some fuel to recharge his already boring lifestyle. With a few heads exchanged and a few strings pulled, I'm sure Johnny-Boy will have his beloved tube working in no time.

Nekra Psaria Review

 This game reminds me a lot of Mateusz Skutnik's work. Though the sound-effects are a bit more rugged. With a funky soundtrack to add a little awkward suspense and a leery aura. Although the storyline is perhaps too simple, gameplay will more then compensate. Overall, not a bad point-and-click adventure at all!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!


1. Click T.V.

2. Pick up jar and read note.

3. Back up and go right.

4. Zoom into garbage bag and get crowbar.

5. Leave the house.

6. Zoom into box outside your home and collect rope.

7. Back up and go left twice.

8. Zoom into shack and door. Use crowbar on planks, pick them up, then enter.

9. Go up latter then left.

10. Click on box then get cochroach and store it within jar(Simply click jar to insert him there).

11. Go back outside the shack's premises then go right three times(past your home).

12. Give the man a roach to eat(sick).

13. Zoom in, pick up pink roach grabber(whatever that is), and read note.

14. Take a right and zoom into ditch.

15. Use rope to climb down.

16. Click right and zoom into box.

17. Use the crowbar on the box and grab the head.

18. Go right twice and click on hooded man.

19. Give him a plank in exchange for a key.

20. Head left four times and enter building.

21. Go straight twice then left to the bathroom.

22. Zoom into sink, turn on faucet, and fill jar with water.

23. Back up to the hallway then head for the room on the right.

24. Click on door to go outside.

25. Go straight twice, left, and zoom into the cupboard.

26. Open cupboard and grab bug spray.

27. Go back into the building where you came out(the hallway with the two odd people).

28. Go straight and zoom into box to open it.

29. Use bug spray on bugs and grab valve.

30. Zoom out and back up twice. Then take a right.

31. Use valve on left handle then enter door.

32. Zoom into man and give him water(a tree grows out of his stomach up to the second floor).

33. Go up the tree branch and enter the door.

34. Use roach grabber to repel the giant humanoid insect.

35. Zoom into table and left serving dish to get thread and needle.

36. Now go back and leave the front door.

37. Go back up the rope to ground level.

38. Go back into the shack and up the latter.

39. Use key on right door.

40. Place head on decapitated operator.

41. Use thread and needle to fix operator and take train ticket.

42. Go back outside of shack's premises and head right five times. Go into fish's mouth.

43. Go straight and give ticket to doorkeeper to enter.

44. Click middle bus door to enter then go right.

45. Go into fuel station and bang a right.

46. Turn on oven, use bug spray on mutant, then use roach grabber to escort him away(He leaves behind his head).

47. Take his head, go back once, zoom into window-desk, and insert it on Jack(he'll give you some fuel).

48. Go back to the bus and enter.

49. Now go backwards three times(out of the fish's mouth) and go left four times to the generator.

50. Give the generator some fuel and your done!

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