Nekra Psaria 2

Check out the sequel to Drawmaneater's #Submachine-esqu Nekra Psaria! #AdventureGames #FlashGames
 After Tweedledee Dumb poured new fuel into the living generator, he tunes in on his favorite program. Until someone invades the Television set and tells him "it's time to take the journey home". This is after the man extracts a few of memory cells from Johnny's brain!

 Johnny Boy has been called aboard a runaway train to escape this delusion. Only problem? There are insects the size of vox wagons blocking the way. So he must search high and low across lame land to fix their favorite dishes to appease them. But John must ask and help out his oddly neighbors to give him a hand now and then. Hopefully this train ride will lead him home as the guy promised.

Nekra Psaria 2 Review

 Compared to part one, this episode has a couple more scenes to delve your mind into. Gameplay, soundtracking, and graphics are a continuation of where the first one left off. Both games are somewhat like that of Dr. Seuss. The storyline is completely bizarre yet weirdly intriguing! Who knows. There might be a third installment in the works!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough!

Now go play Nekra Psaria 2!

If you've missed it, Then catch up on the First Episode!


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