Santa and the Ghost of Christmas Presents

Help #Santa save the spirit of #ChristmasDay in Santa and the Ghost of Christmas Presents! #ChristmasGames!
 Kris Kringle has himself bundled in a tight situation. You see, there's a rumor going around Santa burns all his broken trinkets in the fiery furnace. Don't believe none of those warm fuzzy tales of an island of misfit toys. No, St. Nick just throws them into the gutter!

 But now the souls of those unfortunate gifts have embodied his other toys and are planning an attack upon the North Pole! As patron of the Arctic Circle, you must squash these enemies and restore order within your little village. Use the Arrow Keys to move about and press Z to hop upon platforms and toggle your foes. Collect as many presents possible for a better score. Watch for Mario-esque power-ups and invulnerable stars to ride a reindeer and become invincible for a short period. 

 Mr. Clause might think twice before disposing of his unwanted tinker-toys! Now he has a chance to redeem himself!

Santa and the Ghost of Christmas Presents Review

 As alluded to above, this 2D platformer will hearken back memories of Super Mario World. Only with a reindeer in place of a Yoshie and presents instead of coins. The physics are a little off so jumping onto platforms and doll-heads might be a small challenge in and of itself. Not to mention, dying sends you right back to the beginning of each course. But if you can overlook those hurdles, I think you'll agree this is kinda cute! A game by Michael Shirley!

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Click Here to play the game!


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