Olaf Save Frozen Elsa

A snapshot of the Game #Olaf save #Frozen #Elsa! #Frozen ##WinterGames #ChristmasGames Way out in the middle of nowhere. Lies a race of snowmen known as the Olaffs. This frozen tribe serves an ice Kingdom among the icebergs of Greenland. King Mando and his lovely wife Elsa have sworn to protect these snow creatures with their very lives. They've also funded Santa and his elves with building a toy factory in the North Pole. But there's one character who King Mando just can't subdue all these years. This Christmas, he dared to touch even his most beloved vessel!

 Boogala, The Great and Terrible has kidnapped Queen Elsa within the icy hills of Siberia! Both Joshie and Marlin of the snow tribe have agreed to rescue this damsel. The King promises them riches beyond their wildest dreams if they save her from Boogala"s many twisted schemes.

 The hideous olgra has set up many decoys around the nooks and crevices of the frozen wilderness.  So I'm afraid it'll take several attempts before she is found. Use the WASD Keys to jump and move the first snowman. Hit S to sink into a block of ice. All the Arrow Keys are for the second man to do the same. Collect all the pearls on each course to break the Queen's cage. Watch out for shadowy warlocks and other Polar mishaps. If Queen Elsa is delivered before Christmas, the King will shower these two with rewards up their armpits!

 This game is inspired by the Disney film Frozen. I loved the idea of using two players with unique controls to maneuver about. Complete with festive graphics and holiday soundtracking, I give this 5 thumbs up. Though I'm still stuck on level eight!:)

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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