Christmas Lights

See if you can #SpotTheDifference between these two #Christmas pics! #ChristmasGames
Christmas Lights
Sot the Difference Game!
 Ever go on a late evening walk through the neighborhood streets in December and just soak up the light displays? Or gasp at the tiny wonderland set up on their front lawn? Whether it be Santa and his elves, tinker-toys in a little village, or even baby Jesus and the three wise men who've come to adore Him. There's nothing like Christmas decorations to get you into the holiday spirit!

 So tonight, I have a spot-the-difference game by Aaron and Adam centered on outdoor Christmas light displays. Perhaps from their own neck of the woods. All you'll need is a mouse and a few thinking caps. Select the options tab to turn off sound, music, or hints. There are 5 differences on each scene. Be sure to choose wisely as random clicking will cost you dearly.

Christmas Lights Review

 After awhile I got a bit bored with the same type of imagery and felt it needed more variety. But the guitar strings make up for it somewhat with a soothing rendition of the much beloved Christmas Hymn "Gloria In Excelsis Deo".  Although nothing spectacular, "Christmas Lights" will give you something to do during coffee break!

Now go play Christmas Lights!


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