Land of Enki 2

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Many many aeons ago,

 There was a prosperous spacious island in the midst of the Sea of Cortes. This land was inhabited by the Enki's. An upright tribe within the nation of Drumdrum. A righteous kingdom ruled by King Lemuel. Who's throne was protected by God Almighty. His lineage goes way back a thousand years.

 A wicked king hailed from a neighboring island within the thick fog. Who's heart was full of malice and envy. He despised the Drumdrum's with all his soul. Some say the monarch had made a pact with the devil himself. This arch nemesis once attempted to muster his battalion and invade Lemuel's most beautiful island-a land flowing with milk and honey.

 But God was with this virtuous king and sent a legendary Avatar(a man full of courage and chivalry) to overthrow Malchus's evil schemes. Although this just hero did not lay a hand on this malevolent ruler. Instead, he sealed him within a dark gloomy dungeon until he shall breath his last.

 From then on, the kingdom of Drumdrum was at peace on all sides! To this day, no one knows from whence this great avatar came from nor where he went. Yet children hear his Nobel tale every night on their bedsides. A lecture hall was even erected in his name(though nobody knows what he was called). Children far and wide aspired to be just like him!

 But one day, a violent whirlwind tore the bars away from that insidious dungeon. Alas, Malchus was free to once again inflict pain upon the inhabitants of Drumdrum and Dalian(his native Isle)! King Joshua 11(Lemuel's descendant) called for a day of fasting and prayer.

 Then the Most High(who was filled with compassion) commissioned a lad from the Enkilian Tribe to defeat this beast once and for all! At first he relented. Yet the Eternal One gently prodded him with irresistible power that caused him to be as strong as ten oxen! His love also gave him the courage to withstand any trial or obstacle in his path! At once, he set out to destroy this son of Beelzebub!

 O.K. I got a little carried away there(wink) lol. So now, Use the Arrow Keys to go left and right(or up and down on a ladder or to open a chest). Hit Z to jump(Z Up to latch onto a ladder in mid-air), X to fend your weapon, and C to detonate a bomb. Mr. Shebo will sell you some valuables along the way. But many shrubs and vanquished enemies should give you all those items for free. You must trek through 22 levels before reaching this arch nemesis on top of the mountain. Good luck on your journey!

Land of Enki 2 Review

 Land of Enki 2 is a retro 2D platformer complete with gourmet graphics and 90s-esque animation! The music sounds like a military anthem at the intro. But very tropical during gameplay(though I haven't reached the cold numbing mountains yet). So if you're looking for something old-school that's easy on the challenge(at least initially), then Enki 2 is your cup of tea!

Ratings: 4.6 Stars!

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