Extreme Car Madness!

Take your vessel to the limit in Extreme Car Madness! #CarGames ##FlashGames ##OnlineGames
 Ever had the urge to ram over everything in sight and cause collateral damage? How about crushing all with your big-wheels? Then don't I have a treat for you! Introducing Extreme Car Madness! A car game by Foghop!

 In this game you must raise some dough by destroying everything in sight before the fuel runs dry and pull various stunts to score more points. Your vehicle drives automatically. Hit the Left Arrow Key to lean back and the Right Arrow Key to lean forwards. Use these two buttons to do front(back) flips without causing the car to flip over and burn. You must gain a certain sum of cash to advance to the next course. There are numerous upgrades to choose once you make enough.

Extreme Car Madness Review

 Foghop's done a wonderful job putting together a well-executed car game. With top-notch graphics and toggled animation! The music sounds very post-modern and Californian(typical for these kind of games). Though I wish there were more to annihilate. Other then that last quip, I'm quite satisfied with Extreme Car Madness!

Ratings: 4.999 Stars!

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