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Ah color...

 For many centuries(even millennia), mankind has analysed, philosophized, and contemplated the very fabric of chromatics. Weather the full spectrum is objective in property, a perception of the mind, or someplace in between. For without it, our very existence would be quite dull and dry. No darkness or light. No zest or beauty to behold. Only melancholy and disphoria(Greek pun intended) within a colorless vacuum of sullen mediocrity.

 Well, thank God you have eyes to see and a retina that accurately transcribes his marvelous light! Tonight calls for a new form of a physics-based puzzler by the name "Colorize"! In this game you must drag items with your mouse and match identical hues until all shapes are gone. Weather it be triangles, squares, circles, or even rectangle sticks. But the last colour on the screen must be the same as the outer fringes of your game box. The courses will get trickier as you further progress. Yet don't worry. A walkthrough is provided in game.

Review of Colorize

 Big Dino has done a colorful job executing a fairly challenging point-and-click flash game. With relevant soundtracking and wonderful imagery. For those of you who love to put 1-and-1 together, Colorize is the perfect addition to your coffee-break portfolio!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Now go play Colorize!


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