Escape Witch House

Escape Witch House is a #Halloween #OnlineGame by #YoopyGames!
Escape Witch House!
 One night, you tucked yourself snugly into bed. Without a care in the world as Halloween was just two days away. 

 Ah...You couldn't wait to sink your teeth into a large Nutrageous bar or grab a handful of m&m's! Your excitement kept you up til 2 am. Then you dozed off. But once those pupils opened again, something went wrong...Really wrong!!

 The very next morning you found yourself locked in a shady room brimming with Gothic architecture and witchy memorabilia. It suddenly dawned on you. "that freaky girl was serious when she uttered those horrid words in Algebra"! All you did was ask her for a pencil. In response, she utters four sentences in Latin gibberish way over your head. Then takes off her shoes and runs out of class down the halls barefoot! Her canvas sneakers were black just like the rest of her garb.

 Now you must break the hex she has placed on you and get out of this witch's lair!

 Keep your mouse in handy to zoom, pick up, and store needed items in your inventory. A walkthrough is provided within the game. There are a few easy riddles to solve. But don't worry. In no time you will escape and show that no-good scoundrel who's boss!

 Although the music might get a little annoying(which you can turn off at anytime), gameplay is just right. Not too easy yet nothing to pull your hair out. Just another Halloween favor to get you by before the big day!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

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