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One night. Many moons ago...

 Dracula's great granddaughter Momcula wedded Facula. Upon their honey moon, they became intimate and conceived a child. On Halloween Night nine months later, she bore not a vampire, not a hybrid, nor even a fledgling, but a human son-a sore thumb to the Dracula heritage! 

 So for 20 years, his blood-thirsty parents have kept this dilemma a secret-even from their own son. Some say Van the Butcher's recessive gene must have kicked in from before he inherited the throne. You know, when he was actually human. It's either that or some clever deception.

 Now Pedicula(Momcula who is part Greek named him that) is going through an identity crises. After revealing that he's not a blood-sucking monster, his dad kicked him out of Draculaville(a secret society nestled deep in the woods) as a punishment of sorts. As a human being, he must get to the bottom of this fiasco to straighten the whole situation with his folks.

 Join Pedicula as he embarks upon a mission to discover his true identity and become a real vampire-the rotten apple of dad's eye! All you basically need is a trusty mouse(or finger) to interact, pick up items, and take you places across his sphere of influence. Be wary of entering those Drac dwellings now as the word is out that You are not one of Them.

 One thing that I did not find amusing was a scene where a little girl says "he'll kick your a##"! Other then that little mishap, the rest of the game is clean. I find it otherwise quite amusing and a bit humorous here or there. If you can get over that brief obnoxious scene, I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of this flick. Don't let one infested apple ruin the experience! Blood Burger! Blood Burger! Everything I need!!

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!

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