Alone On Raven Road

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 After three days of badgering, Tina has convinced you to come over to their Halloween party. An event filled with candy-apples, pumpkin veloute, and other yummy spooky treats. So you head on over in your 200xx at 11:00 and promise to arrive around 12ish.

 Suddenly the car jerks slightly off course! The vehicle starts wobbling as you realize you've got a flat. Not knowing what to do, you look for help. Between your town and hers, there's a huge rural gap spanning for miles. What's more, there's an eerie feeling that can't be explained.

 You see, legend has it that Raven Road is haunted by the ghosts of dissatisfied construction workers as well as those who perished driving down this forsaken street. I must get some assistance and be on my way before something bad happens.

 Use that mouse to point-and-click and collect various items to store within your inventory. Use these items to unlock doors and decipher some codes. You might even need to strike a deal with the Devil himself. What goes on Raven Road, stays on Raven Road. All except flesh and blood of course.

 I find this escape flick fairly interesting with somewhat dark music and gourmaid graphics. Though I wish there was a bit more horror to the tale. To those who hate getting scared, Alone On Raven Road will give you a taste of the season without jumping out of your chair! A walkthrough is provided within the game!

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

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