Quest for Milkshake

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 Well, it doesn't appear Count Dracula will be needing anything. But his compatriot from across Sesame Street certainly does! You see, Grover's brother Snuckers has opened a small-town dinner uptown and needs your help in spinning up an exotic milkshake over a fussy customer.

 Trouble is, we're all out of the formula to create this particular shake. So you must join Mr. Snuckers as he embarks on a journey to search out all the exquisite ingredients around the outskirts of Sesemeville. There are four of them to hunt out. But you must pull some teeth to retrieve them(that's life). The items you find will automatically get stored in your inventory to combine and use at your disposal.

 Snuckers is counting on you! It's not everyday you get a coconut Milkshake half off? Besides, how incompetent can you be running out of Today's Special!? As they say "it runs in the family".

 I gave this a try and what can I say? I was impressed! It's been so long since I've watched Sesame Street(a heck of a lot better then say Barney and Friends). Though I would call this addicting, the storyline is quaint and a bit humorous.


1. Get glass from shelf.

2. Go out the door and go to blacksmith to obtain sword.

3. Go to castle and cut rope to enter.

4. Give king sword to receive bottle.

5. Get stick.

6. Go back to blacksmith and poke tree to get banana.

7. Get hammer from blacksmith.

8. Got to circus and get cotton candy and then bell.

9. Use banana to get monkey.

10. Go to goad and use bell to tame him.

11. Get goat's milk with bottle.

12. Poke tree to get rubber ducky(I knew they had to throw that in someplace).

13. Use monkey to retrieve coconut from tree.

14. Go to Mud Monster and give him rubber ducky.

15. Get mud with glass.

16. Go back to kitchen and combine hammer with coconut to get sliced coconuts.

17. Put sliced coconuts and then cotton candy in grinder.

18. Put ingredients in order in blender. grated coconuts, goats milk, and then cotton candy sugar(I know cheap) to blend.

19. Combine mud with shake(he's nuts!).

20. Now serve it to the customer.

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Click Here to play the game!


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