Paper World Escape

The first Installment to Esklavos's Paper World Escape! Looks like you've gotten yourself in a heap of pulp. While everyone was quietly studying for the exams(as there supposed to). You were doodling away upon 4 fresh sheets of paper. Succinctly drawing splendid scenes of rolling hills and rural dwellings. What happens next defies all logic and scientific explanation.

 Instantly, you are transported within your spontaneous artistry-locked into another dimension of your own doing! As punishment, fate has ordered that you be banished here for a time until you learn how to escape back into reality.

 Fortunately, whoever(or whatever) it is has left clues to search out and riddles to unravel. You must successfully solve them to excavate the four keys. In order to open a portal or doorway back in space and time. Maybe next time you'll learn not to procrastinate.

 As I hinted above, Paper World Escape has realesqe imagery of dwellings in the middle of nowhere. The music is fairly enchanting(though brief). Difficulty is not easy. Yet, frustration is kept to a minimum. All in all, a great time-killer from Esclavos!


1. Go left and get shovel and machete.

2. Pick up paper to get wind amulet(note the pattern and numbers on paper).

3. Go right two times and use machete on bamboo cane.

4. Go to front windmill and adjust cogs exactly as shown from paper from left-most scene to get blue key. Also get lightning amulet from front windmill scene.

5. Pick up paper in this scene and note order of amulets depicted. Get moon amulet.

6. Go left three times and use bamboo cane on roof to get metal detector.

7. Go back to Windmill scene and use detector on grass.

8. Use shovel on hot spots to excavate an oil can and a sunshine amulet.

9. Use oil can on right-most windmill to get bucket.

10. Go left twice and use oil can on rusty well. then use bucket to draw water.

11. Turn pipewheels in a certain order and sequence to get yellow key(this one you must figure out on your own).

12. Go left and use water bucket on tree to reveal fruit.

13. Click fruit from left to right(1-6) according to the code on the first paper(243516) to get white key.

14. Go right twice and install amulets in exact order depicted on second paper to get red key.

15. Go left and install keys corresponding to their color.

16. Your out!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Click Here to play the game!


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