Legend of the Slender Man

Check out this turn of fate as #Pigsaw kidnaps #Slenderman and gives him a dose of his own medicine! #HalloweenGames #SlendermanGames #FlashGames
 Legend has it that an overarching tall specter haunts the recesses of the Connecticut woods at night-stalking pubescent girls-cloaked within a cold mist of terror. Victims describe his appearance as a humanoid with a large stature, long slender arms, and branch-like tentacles as if connected with the forest. He has a dreadful pale face without eyes, nose, or mouth. Eyewitnesses claim his torso reminds them of Jack: the Pumpkin King. Only his aura is much more awful and terrifying.

 Stories have been told of his ability to trigger paranormal phenomena from hallucinations and paranoia to mind-control and even disturbing the recently deceased! One mother believes that this so-called Slender Man has a foot fetish. Since many of his victims abducted leave behind their canvas shoes and return barefoot and petrified. But since no evidence of sexual foul play exists, that claim is tentative.

 Yet most unfortunately do not return. But are believed to be trapped within an envelope of darkness-away from this dimensional realm. In an eternal dark forest of unspeakable fear. A perpetual Blair Witch Project. Full of whispering voices and embodied dentrons swaying their arms to the cold dry wind. All because they peered through his blank stare and looked into his invisible eyes.

 "That's just nonsense" opines the father of an abducted girl. "The're dead and we must come to grips with that reality". But others counter that death is far more pleasing than where Thin Man will take his guests. They say his insatiable desire is to inflict trepidation upon those he elects from the populous.

 However, there is one person who has managed to outsmart this shadowy figure. He is a sadistic kidnapper in his own right. Disguised as a circus doll on three wheels.

Pigsaw Man

Introducing "Slenderman Saw Game"! a point-and-click adventure by Inka Games.

 As the featureless thing without a face, you must search for clues and find a way out of this clever clowns schemes. Who's even turned your very own puppets against you. Hopefully when)or if) you'll escape, he'll get a taste of his own medicine.

 It appears Slender Man has lost all his frightening powers as a dark entity. Which is why he doesn't appear scary at all. This Saw Game implements more rooms, bad guys, and riddles to fart around with. Difficulty has been notched up a bit. Although it might not be perfect, this Pigsaw vs. Slenderman duo will sure intrigue the meme universe.

Play Slenderman Saw Game!

Click Here for a walkthrough!


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