Paper World Escape 2

Here is the second installment to Paper World Escape! #PointAndClick #AdventureGames #FlashGames
 After lunch is Mr. Doyle's 4th period class. The one who lectures and assigned gobs of homework over the weekend. Who gives 10,000 word essays and sneakily throws in a pop quiz when you'd least expect it.

 There you are in the far back-beyond the reach of his auspices. At this point, you'd rather fate punish you then to sit through another yawngastic hour of this dole teacher.So in desperation, you grab a few fresh sheets of paper from your nap-sack and start doodling away. And right on cue, fate transports you into one of your beloved creations. This time a dessert landscape.

 Just like last time, you must find all clues and solve every riddle to extract four color-coded keys to escape this land of papertopia. As with the last installment, I have nothing but praise.


1. Go left and take pot and shovel.

2. Pick up paper, note french words and pick up 1st crystal eye and screwdriver.

3. Go right three times and get bone plus pliers(bottom right).

4. Go back to cactus scene and use pliers to get crowbar tied to wheel.

5. Go to gate scene and use screwdriver to get second crystal eye from the head of the gate.

6. Go to ship scene and use screwdriver to extract horseshoe magnet.

7. Use crowbar on barrel to extract oil can, rudder, two crystal eyes(third and fourth), and a brush.

8. Go to camel scene and use brush on camels to get 2 crystal eyes(fifth and sixth).

9. Direct cogwheels according to land sails(left camel up and right camel left).

10. Use oil can on cactus lever and pull it to get red key.

11. Go to cactus scene use horseshoe on sand dune.

12. Search for hot spots and use shovel to extract compass and faucet.

13. Go to gate scene and stick faucet to cactus and get water with pot.

14. Use pot to fill bottles according to the French musical words Re Sol Mi(first bottle=1 time, second bottle=4 times, third bottle=2 times).

15. Use bone to hit each bottle to get yellow key.

16. Go to ship scene and use compass on each ship. direct them according to wind sails(left ship=NW, middle ship=SE, and right ship=W).

17. Turn rudder to get blue key.

18. Now place all 6 crystal eyes on each camel skull to get white key.

19. Use keys according to color on main gate.

20. Your Out!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

 Click Here to play the game!

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