Paper World Escape 3

Here is the third installment to Paper World Escape! #PointAndClick #AdventureGames #FlashGames
 Fate is not through with you yet. to make certain you've learned your lesson, destiny throws another paper chalk full of riddles and clues you must salvage to escape this realm and come back to reality.

 Your peers only observe you with your head down. For every hour you spend in this alternate universe, only a minute is wasted in Mrs. Doyle's class. Which means you don't get to kill time as hoped.

 Unlike the first two episodes, the difficulty is a bit on the easy side. The game is shorter as well. But otherwise gameplay is smooth and succinctly interactive.

Ratings: 4 Stars!

Paper World Escape Walkthrough

1. Pick up paper. Note pattern with pipes and symbols.

2. Go right to barn scene and get shovel and closed-can on fence.

3. Go left twice to truck scene and pick up bucket.

4. Use shovel on grass pile.

5. Look into hole and arrange pipes according to the pattern shown from paper next to gate(first scene) to get white key and open water geyser. also note numerals to the side of hole scene.

6. Use bucket on water.

7. Go into truck and get pliers.

8. Go right once(to gate scene) and use pliers on plank to get screwdriver.

9. Go back to truck scene, go into truck and use screwdriver on dash(left of steering wheel) to get stone.

10. combine closed can with screwdriver to get seed.

11. Use seed on hole then water it to get flowers.

12. Color-code the flowers according to the bottles from gate scene to get yellow key(from bottom to top black, red, yellow, blue, green).

13. Again fill bucket with water.

14. Go to barn scene and give sheep some water to get red key.

15. Pick up paper and arrange stones according to the numerals shown you in hole(truck scene) and plank(gate scene) to get blue key. Sun=3, lightning=2, wind=4, moon=1, leaf=5.

16. Go to gate scene and use keys on gate according to color.

17. Your out!!!

Click Here to play the game!

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