Clumsy Scientist

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Oh Dear...

 I was not able to genetically engineer that poor little bunny rabbit(Bugs) nor convert that Tweety Bird into a martian. But oh my! MIT is now hiring. So I must get busy in my laboratory(British accent on) creating my new formula.

 All I need is my white coat, chemistry set, and a pair of bifocals. This tonic will indeed revolutionize the way the world manufactures food. With this substance, sugar will have a shelf life of one thousand years! Just think of all the possibilities! Monsanto will be begging to purchase my chemical mixture for $fifty billion! No more will I be known as the Acme clumsy scientist. From then on I'll have a new lease on life.

 You must help this dweeb search every nook and cranny of his lab and mix together a batch of nauseous chemicals from scratch. There are a few clues tucked away incase you get a brain fart(a walkthrough is also provided in game).

 I thought the game was interesting and well executed. However, it was a bit on the short side. Difficulty is somewhat easy though not ridiculous. Maybe not addictive, but I'm sure you'll agree the story is kinda cute.

ratings: 4.5 Stars!

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