Escape From Jay Is Games

This is a tribute to #JayIsGames by #MateuszSkutnik loosely based on #Submachine.
 Before closing the chapter on The Submachine, Matt has treated us to what many like to call an Easter Egg(little late, but it'll do). But I'd prefer to label it a sidekick trinket-much like Future Loop Foundation. Only this time featuring the casual game giant "Jay Is Games"!

 Somehow you've wound up in an eclectic room. A spot rumored to be Murtaugh's very own bedroom or chilling lounge(where the geeks lay eggs). It's said he meditated in the rooms core until his very soul was enveloped within the system-viewing 8 different dimensions at once. Some believe that engraved image upon the bed is merely a stoned manifestation of Mur from another Universe(pun intended). And his messages have sent ripples throughout our space continuum. Even to remote spots like Amityville or New Orleans.

 Anyways, you've been locked up in a floating cubicle in who knows where. There is only one safe way out. But the passage is blocked by a code-safe valve. Luckily someone(or something) has left breadcrumbs for you to track down, gather, and assimilate to unlock a pathway. You must use these clues to decipher and break the riddled combination. Only then will the golden cavity reveal an opening-a way of escape that'll hopefully get you outta here(here doesn't even exist)!

Escape Game Review

 From "Daymare Town", "The Great House Escape", to his cryptic adventure "Submachine", Matt is quickly becoming the king of online browser games! Or a least a legend within the flash gaming arena. And you will not be disappointed with his newest installment. Weather it be the suspenseful soundtrack, crisp sound effects, or lockhart animation, his signature is written within each pixel. Think of this as an appitizer that'll leave your mouth watering for the big dish come dinner time! I think it could be a hint for Submachine 10. Stay tuned!!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Jay Is Games Escape Walkthrough

  1. Click on book upper right. Get note.
  2. Turn right and get all notes on and under bed.
  3. Remove all three pillows and get key.
  4. Go to bottom and top drawer to get knife and nail.
  5. Use nail on right wall.
  6. Turn valve on safe till it falls off.
  7. Go right pick up the fallen valve and get broomstick.
  8. Use key to open safe-box on self and get eye.
  9. Go right and use knife to get coin in left-most arcade.
  10. Grab electric bulb(transistor) in the midst of the arcades.
  11. Go right and place bulb on top of computer.
  12. Now push lever to turn machine on.
  13. Zoom in and push dots to the other side.
  14. Zoom out and push switch up in the sockets(upper left).
  15. Go left and take the other eye from door circle.
  16. Go left and place eyes on wall-statue to get the first reptilian limb.
  17. Go left and slit coin in piggy-bank to get the second limb.
  18. Go outside second circle door and use broom to get third limb.
  19. Go back in and left to zoom into chalk board.
  20. Use chalk on blank spot.
  21. Use five number code on one of the notes to reveal secret combination. First digit you count down vertically(first row, top-bottom, from 0-9). The second digit you count horizontally(left-right, 1-10).  
  22. Write down resultant code, zoom out, go left, and use code on tallest arcade box.
  23. Get the last reptilian limb.
  24. Go left and place limbs on wall statue above blocked door.
  25. Reptile will scurry away to reveal broken knob.
  26. Place valve on knob and turn it.
  27. A secret passageway opens. 
  28. Go down three times to your escape! 

Now play Escape From Jay Is Games!


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