Lucy's Dream Adventures

Join Lucy as she embarks on a journey through her #Imagination! #AdventureGames #PointAndClickGames #StrategyGames
One night many sundowns ago,

 Lucy opted to go under the covers with her shoes on. Normally she would doze off barefoot. But on this special night Lucy wanted to wear her favorite pair of canvas sneakers. And so she gently drifted off to sleep until her senses were dulled.

 Barely conscience, Lucy did not quite feel herself. Something was all skewy. So as she opened her eyes, her suspicions were realized. Everything was in inertia. There were flying elephants and feline astronauts. Floating piranhas and living sculptures. Lucy realized it was just a dream. She attempted to remove her shoes. But it was no use. They were permanently stuck on her feet.

 Now she must embark on a journey through the landscape of her mind in search of the portal-the doorway out of this bizarre manifesto! But along the way there are a handful of thought-provoking riddles to delve your teeth into before venturing forth. Her avenue of escape just might be among the stars. Hopefully when Lucy awakens, she'll learn next time not to go under the covers with her shoes on.

Lucy's Dream Adventures Review

 This game as some imagination. Weather it be it's illusive soundtracking or mind-cutting puzzles, well done Abroy! However, I was a bit disappointed that Lucy's Adventure was cut short. I thought it should have been more extended with additional scenes and riddles. Otherwise, I'm certain you will grow fond of her lucid dream adventure!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

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