Submachine 9-The Temple

Come see #Submachine 9-the Temple by #MateuszSkutnik!
 Many throughout history have gone missing-vanishing into thin air. Where these souls have gone is anyone's guess. Some think they've died and gone on to Limbo. Others Purgatory. Still others believe aliens are experimenting on how long it takes the human mind to crack. But I think we've stumbled into a junction. A port of some sort where all parallel Universes collide!

 But these dimensions are not fully established. You see, within a supra dome there are trillions of universes. But not all of them are fully mature. There are thriving dimensions and there are rejects-Inertic chaos with junk cluttered all around. In other words, cheap imitation. Horrendous planes of existence which poorly mirror their thriving counterparts. Everything that happens in a fully grown universe marks a stains which permeates every subverse within a supradome. As they say "your junk winds up in my sphere".

 Now you see the mess someone(or something) has got us into. Some sentient being had to design this portal. There's no doubt about it. Wherever he/she may be has screwed up the space/time continuum. I cannot remember the last time I took a breath of fresh air. And that's saying a lot from a guy who has a superb memory!

 For a moment there I thought I was in some type of Hindu-ahh nevermind. I swear I saw a statue of Shiva! Only he's a she in this realm. It appears I'm in a temple within a temple within a temple. My head is spinning. Apparently there are 8 planes within each and every universe within our supra dome.

 Use your mouse to navigate through the corridors of this caricature. As always there are essential items laying around that need to be utilized to advance. Be sure not to overload your inventory. There are 5 secrets to unravel the mystery of this multiverse!

Submachine 9 Review

 Mat once again draws from his mystical canvas and paints a suspenseful masterpiece-with virtual brush in hand! Prepare to get immersed in legendary narration. With a little mythology sprinkled on top to spice things up. Your mind will get twisted and turned as you solve various ancient riddles Murtaugh(or whoever) tosses as you. Good luck and knock yourselves out!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough!

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This is all part of the Submachine Series!


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