Valantine's Conquest

Go on a journey this #ValentinesDay with a corny #Platformer by #SantaBarbera!
 Every year about the 14th of February Cupid makes his heavenly rounds-matching couples just meant for each other(at least in his view). He has been renown to infuse the desire of love within each of our hearts for that special someone of the opposite sex.

 But not this year! Instead, bozo will take matters into his own hands. Weather Cupid cues in or not, this romantic is determined to fall in love with a neighborhood girl he's had the hots for over a year! He's sick and tired of falling for the wrong woman every time. So this time, Boo Boo will fend for himself.

 Of course Cupid ain't real happy about doofus's infidelity. So he's sent his demonic brothers to wreak havoc on Mr. Love's adventures. Surprise! Surprise! Mr. Cupid is The Devil disguised as an angel of light(what else is new). But seriously, watch out for devilish cupids and a few brooding vipers along the way. And don't go running off a cliff either. Besides, your lover is just as infatuated with you as you are of her. She'll be there waiting for a life long committed relationship at games end!

 Valentine's Conquest is somewhat corny yet a fun-filled adventure nonetheless. A bit short and limited, this game is a platformer with a bit of a storyline. While no box of chocolates, this adventure will at least occupy the last 5 minutes of Valentine's Day 2014!

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day!

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Play Valentine's Conquest!

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