Adam & Eve 2

Check out the sequel to Fast Games Adam and Eve!
"Adam and Eve on a raft"! "Rake 'em"!!

 Well Adam is at it again. And this time she has been abducted by the Egyptians. Apparently a pack of sojourners sold her to the royal secretary. When all the courtesans caught eye of her, immediately she was promoted as Queen of the Nile! But no suitable king could be found across the land of Mizraim.

 You see, Pharaoh had recently passed-on-without an air to the throne. Their law declares "Whensoever the One that Ruleth the land shalt pass away, Thou shalt choose rather out of thy King's quiverful to succeed as the Pharaoh of Egypt. If there shalt be no air unto thy throne, then thy Queen whom thou selecteth shalt choose". The problem is, she's not into anybody! But luckily she does remember you

 As Adam you must trek to the Land of Ham. Amid many nomads and dinosaurs. There are plenty of obstacles to detour your mind. Just use your mouse to discover the solution. Perhaps a bird might udder a secret.

Adam and Eve 2 Review

 As with part 1, Adam and Eve 2 will immerse you into the dilemmas of paleolithic culture. it has an easy listening finger-popping vibe and has a biblically themed repertoire. Difficulty might be easy. But hey, this is more of a storyline then an actual challenge.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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