Groundhog D Day

This #GroundhogsDay this guy's ditched his shadow and has opted instead to become a warrior! #GroundHog #FlashGames
 Each year around Candlemas legend has it a groundhog awakens in search of a midnight snack. The story goes that if he chances upon anything remotely creepy, he'll cower away into his cozy den. Even if what frightens him is merely a casted reflection of his own self. Without this hog's presence, Jack Frost enjoys six more weeks on reining supreme! He'll even disguise himself as the hedgehog's shadow if the sun decides to stay in. But this Groundhog has called it quits.

 "No more shaping the fate of Winter. For now on it's cannonball time! It's time to ditch the shadowy business. I'm tired of getting up on February second each year. I want out of this rat race"! And so Mr. Groundhog quit his profession for more extraordinary opportunities.

 Introducing "Groundhog D Day" a holiday-themed strategy by You must shoot this ground hog as far as possible-hitting boosters along the way and accumulating coins for added bonus. Use the mouse as a slingshot and boost him out at the optimal time.

By the way Happy Groundhog's Day!!!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Groundhog D Day!


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