Papa's Pastaria

Check out Papa Louie's new restaurant Papa's Pastaria! #PapaLouie #TimeManagementGames #FlashGames
 Well, Papa has gone overseas to open a new establishment on the Great Boot. Upon the Neapolitan waters of Italy. Where pizza was born and Santa No Chia was composed. The only town which requires commuting by boat. Heck, even Tom and Jerry were known to wander through Napoleon corridors.

 In his never-ending ambition, Papa has opted to open pasta cuisine in one of the cities most populated water intersections-recruiting a few laborers from the states. His menu will only serve the finest in aioli, gnocchis, and any other Italian Spaghetti dish to grace the planet! This guy is a sauce innovator-searching land and sea for new recipes to add unto his repertoire. But "Aglio e Olio" says Papa "surpasses them all".

 As the new chef in town, you must prepare each client's meal just the way they like it(and believe me when I say their picky). Just like all his other big chains, there are four stations to take and furnish each order. As well as some earned tokens to gamble your way to upgrades. But unlike the others, you get to outsource your load upon another employee.

Papa's Pastaria Review

 Flipline Studios has done a fabulous job serving up yet another management-styled gem from their electronic assembly line. Game-play is very much what you'd expect from a Papa Louie restaurant chain. I have nothing but praise to give this time-management piece!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Papa's Pasteria!


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