Come take a stroll with Triton as he tries to seek and find the #Kveendolnitza! #AdventureGames #PointAndClick #FlashGames
Long long ago,

 Before time and space. There were the Ancient Sagas. Who were masters of the Universe. Who possessed all wisdom and knowledge. As mythology goes, these primordial beings decided one day to get creative and sly. They slew one of their colleges and made the mountains and valleys out of his flesh and the clouds and sky from his spirit. Out from his bowels came the Sun, Moon, and stars. The rivers and the seven seas came from his blood.

 However, there was still some spirit left of him to dispose. So these god's thought up a plan and fashioned from the land all sorts of creatures with intelligence. But there was still some left over. So they stored this primeval energy within the Kveendolnitza which is still there to this day!

 This is all according to local legend. But nobody knows what really happened. Your job is to test this theory. To seek out that spiritual energy from the legendary Kveendolnitza. Have your Mouse in-hand to do your dictation(point-and-click) and interact with your surroundings and make friends with these simple aliens. If this story turns out to be true and you tap into this ancient source of power, you will become a demigod and the ruler of their planet!

Kveendolnitza Review

 I loved that there was a bit of a storyline to go with the gameplay. The animation is very well-executed. Though I wish there were a few clues to get the adventure rolling. All in all, if you're searching for an interactive point-and-click adventure, look no further than Kveendolnitza!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Here's a thorough Walkthrough!

Now play Kveendolnitza!

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