Jem Match Christmas

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 O.K. guys. I apologize for not posting the last couple of days. My brother was unfairly canned recently(out of all the times of the year!). So my stomach was not up to blogging. But now after 6 days of December, here's a new game.

 What do you get when snowflakes, gingerbread men, and silver bells want to dance. well, you get a gem. But not just any ol gem(mind you)-Jem Match Christmas!

 As with every three-way match, you must combine 3 or more ornaments in a row. Hurry as you only have so much precious time. You must reach an undisclosed amount of points to get to the next level. May the ornaments be with you!

Jem Match Christmas Review

 You will most certainly find the Xmas music soothing(on piano). Difficulty is not too bad(though I wish there was a bit more time). Still the soundtrack is what saves this game. If you're looking for an easy-listening Christmas puzzler, I have a goody in my bag!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Jem Match Christmas!


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