A scene from the online physics game Drawfender!
 Well well... Another rich philanthropist makes his headlines on nightly tellevision. Donating 6 Billion dollars to charity. Aiding the victims of yet another catastrophe. And so he pats himself on the back and broadcasts his folly!

 But I'm not gonna take it anymore. Ever since this guy has gone goody-two-shoes, my stocks have plummeted! Thus I have hired two hitchers to do my dirty bidding. For $50,000 each, they most put this jerk out of his misery(or should I say saintly pipe-dream). I'll then transfer all his assets to my business account and become a monopoly! This'll teach him to not mess with my bling bling!!!

 You must protect this beloved benefactor from the assaults of these good-for-nothing greedy thugs. But in order to do so, a little lesson on geometry must be in order. Draw up a block to buffet as a shield against Beeves and Buthead's cannon. Each course will get progressively tougher so keep your head on straight.

Drawfender Review

 I like the physics and highly-executed animation graphics. Don't worry, you'll only need a cursory understanding of physics. The storyline was fairly rough and the music was bearable. All in all, an excellent game for all you physics puzzler freaks!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

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