The House 2

Come join a paranormal investigator as he unravels the mystery of one families death in a haunted house!
 After exploring one haunted house, the Paranormal Team wants you to investigate another in a suburban town of Nashville. A similar tale betokens this mysterious abode. For decades this house has been condemned by neighborhood watch.

 Those who live close by have reported strange sounds and shrieks emanating from that forsaken habitation. Which is way they urged the town mayor to fasten a lock upon the property many years ago. As with all haunted domiciles, this one has a story behind it.

 Many many years ago a very wealthy family dwelled within these very walls. The old man had a successful business with multiple streams of income coming in. They had it all! But then some very freaky things started happened within this once joyful clan. Just like The Other Family, it is beleived the house possessed them-driving them to committ suiside one by one. Including their very own house maid. But something just doesn't sit well with that story.

 Your job is to get to the bottom of this awful tale. Yes, this includes your presence. Have your mouse in hand to investigate each clue. Don't be surprised if the spirits reveal the plot(with palpitations). Just be sure to get the freak out of there as fast as you can!!!

 As with it's predecessor, The House 2 will surly not disappoint. The sound-tracking and sound effects are very similar. The graphics are executed much like an old-fashioned video(reel-to-reel anyone). And yes there will be plenty of suspense to weed through. So if your in the mood, go into a dark room, turn the volume up, and pee your pants!!!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough!

Click Here to play the game!


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