Do You Have A Grudge?

This is a #Game on a B-rated movie. Itself a take on #TheGrudge! #HalloweenGames #HorrorGames
 A grudge is a powerful force if left unchecked could manifest in ways unimaginable. Just a little bit of leaven is able to puff-up a whole lump of dough. For many have sworn to have witnessed their rancorous inclinations to have sprung to life with poltergeist activity. From quacking furniture, ravenous beasts, to even ghostly rapes. But just think of what would happen if the one who held that grudge took it with them to their grave.

 Introducing "Do You Have A Grudge?" A point-and-click horror from Sony inspired by the b-rated flick by the same name. Itself a spin-off from the famous 3-part series "The Grudge". As a social worker in Japan, you have been assigned to take care of a rich man's elderly mother who doctors claim is schizophrenic. However, she insists that something evil lurks within these four walls. Marquardt has not voluntarily eaten anything since they moved into this manor.

 You know as kooky as it sounds, she's right. Malice has certainly cursed this estate! Many years ago a father commited famicide by first slaying his wife and then burning their daughter alive within the flames. At last, he instantly twisted the dog's head and then poisoned himself to atone for what he had done. But the spirits would not let go of what just happened. Whosoever entered these doors would be haunted by these three spirits for the rest of their lives until they either demolished this cursed dwelling place or entered the gates of death. So whatever you do, be sure not to become another tragic victim of the House with a Grudge!!

 I was very impressed with the moviesque animation and atmospheric execution! Although I wish there were a little more direction. Of course I haven't watched the B-rated version but I do love the sound-effects(especially the famous signature vocals grinds that made "The Grudge" so phenomenal). If your looking for another horror-flick this Halloween, then turn up the volume and turn down those lights. Go knock yourselves out!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Click Here to veiw a walkthrough!

Click Here to play the game!


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